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Marketing activity for manufacturers, builders and traders is one of the main profiles of Éptár next to Add-on and BIM development.

Our target audience are

  • architects, designers and engineers    
  • civil builders and customers    
  • constructors    
  • investors    
  • traders

Being informed is a must today so Éptár webpage is maintained to store product data thus, designers and constructors can easily get information while manufacturers get new marketing devices. The products of the different manufacturers, next to the news and product catalogues and descriptions are also available via interactive devices such as technical videos, BIM object in CAD tools like ArchiCAD and Revit or online configurators.

Get more information about Éptár services and check the Éptár media packages:

  Éptár media packages Standard Package Premium Package
  unlimited publishing of news, articles and banners
  newsletter to 7500 subscribers
  manufacturer logo display on the website
  personal product page with full range of product list
  online contracting system
  the biggest Hungarian node database
  technical videos
  display BIM solutions (CAD product library)

With further questions or for a personal meeting contact us!

Éptár Kft.      +36 1 225 7355

Éptá services

Services of the Standard Package

Unlimited publishing of news, articles, and banners

News, product guides, professional articles, product innovations
  • Publishing events, professional events and discounts
  • Publishing product guides, product descriptions between the news
  • Appearance in the news letters
  • Banner display (on main and subpages as well)
  • Publishing main news
News and articles are collected and published as a newsletter on a monthly basis.
Manufacturer logo display on the website

  • Display of manufacturer logo on the main website
  • Priority access of products in the product catalog
  • Technical videos of build-in and installation
  • Online system for requesting price offers, making direct contact between the potential customer and the manufacturer
  • Connecting manufacturers with the building material trading system
Personal manufacturer and product information page on

Organized data of your products
  • Manufacturer's contact details
  • Company introduction
  • Product range description
  • Product data sheets, catalogs, presentation of important data (geometry, price, material requirements, properties etc.)
  • Reference pictures
  • Technical descriptions
  • Application technology, installation instructions
  • Links to all manufacturer content in
The subpage of the manufacturers can be directly reached via Éptár main page.
The own manufacturer page data is also displayed in Éptár mobile building material database.
Online price offer request system

Our online price offer request system gives the possibility for the users to ask for an offer, product information directly from the manufacturer. In our system, users are able to choose the product they need an information about. The request for the offer will be sent to an email address the manufacturer gave to help building direct connection.
Node database

In our node database users can search installation and structural nodes based on detailed drawings which makes clear rules for designers and constructors. Search is supported with preview drawings so the users can find more efficiently the interesting installation details.

Available file formats:
  • DWG,
  • DXF,
  • PDF,
  • ASC
We undertake DWG format nodes to convert into the required formats.
Professional video collection

We display limitless numbers of professional videos of our partners. New videos are displayed on our main page among the news. Earlier vides can be viewed in the archives.

BIM models

Manufacturer Specific BIM Objects in CAD Software

Building Informational Modelling is a planning process in which the building is being built from real, manufacturer specific products virtually. Designers are expected to be more and more specific when giving information and also during the design. Expectations are not only coming from the investors but from builders as well. Only good quality, CAD software compatible BIM objects can meet these expectations and the main interest of the development is always the manufacturers’.

Manufacturer specific BIM has the following advantages

We develop for the following platforms:

  • helps products’ fast and correct selection
  • gives extra information and help to the design process
  • provides efficient workflow
  • results an esthetic, realistic display
  • simples and fastens the design process
  • the floor plan contains direct manufacturer products


Aspects for BIM development concept

  • Which competing companies do already have BIM objects?
  • What are the expectations of the architects? Which design software are they using?

With our expert advice we are always happy to help when declaring the aspects and creating the development concept. Éptár, in the past 15 years has, has released more than 10 000 products for ArchiCAD and other software such as Revit, pCon.planner or 3DS.

Assessment of needs, shaping of a concept for the function of BIM objects:

We can model the possible function with the help of our available solutions during the coordination with the manufacturer. We model the functionality of the object according to the notion of the manufacturer during the creation of the development concept, but we also take into account the user needs and the special qualities of architectural softwares known to us. As such, we get user friendly and easy to handle BIM objects as an end product.

BIM software development

The name Éptár was created back in 2002 by ArchiData Kft. Back then our company was making BIM solutions for ArchiCAD and other CAD software for 5 years already.

In 2006 Éptár was separated from ArchiData Kft. and started to develop exclusively GDL content and Add-ons. In the last 12 years our company developed more than 50 solutions and over 200 GDL library.

Our goal is to develop useful solutions for CAD users to support the design process.

Add-on programming or GDL library

In the program ArchiCAD, our main profile, two complementary solutions can be made: GDL libraries or Add-on solutions. Our team is ready to do both kinds of development. Our GDL programmers and API developers are waiting for challenges.

The question of which solution we recommend is in all cases reliant on the to be modeled objects and the excpected complexity of the solution.

If the modeled products are more like placeable objects by themselves which have no connection to one another, or have only limited connections then usually the creation of a GDL library is the solution. GDL objects like our doors and windows libraries or our furniture and sanitery libraries.

More complicated product solutions, working with a particular logic or requiring the coordination of several details will usually require an add-on solution. With the help of an add-on we can excpect more complex functionalities from the BIM object. Good examples of this would be our roofing applications. These tile the given roof surface and allocate the necessary extras like roof foil and snow shields automatically, keeping in mind the rules of roof tiling. Allowing for fast and high quality work in the usual software.

Terrán RoofTiling designer

ArchiCAD solution for roof tiling process. User defined roofs tiling visualisation and calcualtion with an easy one step method. Photo realistic textures (fast) or real 3D tiling models are also supported.

Key features:
  • one step, easy to use process
  • Individual accessory placement
  • realsitic visualisation and textures
  • exact component lists
  • real manufacturer products implemented
  • complex system definition in one step

Splitwall WoodHouse designer

Our client wants to control the CNC cutting mashine directly from ArchiCAD. We made a slolution to define log cuts and drills directly in the CAD system. The final list is a tabulated txt file, which can be used for the CNC machine directly.

Key features:
  • Architectural design in CAD
  • Automaticaly generated wall drawings
  • Automaticaly calculated log cuts
  • cutting optimalisation
  • exported cutting lists with log IDs
  • easy and fast engineer work
  • real manufacturer products

Schiedel Chimney System

This is a solution for a one step chimney calculation. The application available in ArchiCAD and online (GDL Webcontrol) as well. The solution was created for 7 languages in Eastern Europe.

Key Features:
  • easy, architect friendly user interface
  • exact 3D model and 2D drawings
  • easy connection definition
  • easy accessory list definition
  • real manufacturer products
  • complex system definition in one step
  • exact component lists
  • real visualisation

BarabásTéglakő fence system designer

Our client wants to give a solution for Architects and for layman clients. Our solution is a GDL Library, which is available for ArchiCAD users and online clients as well. The wizard helps for the users to go through the fence definition and for our client to sell his product.

Key features:
  • Online and ArchiCAD use
  • wizard style user interface
  • easy to use
  • nice visualisation
  • exact component lists
  • exact detail drawings with measurements
  • real manufacturer products
  • complex system definition in one step

Lindab sandwich panel designer

The solution helps for the Architects to implement the full Lindab wall and roof structure into their ArchiCAD plan. The objects user interface helps for the user to set up all the necessary parameters of the structure, the geometry editing and painting process are available on the 3D model or in section view.

Key features:
  • full structure definition in one step
  • real 3D models and 2D drawings
  • exact component lists
  • free configuration methodes
  • real manufacturer products
  • complex system definition in one step

Internorm Online Window-Door configurator

This GDL Library contains all the products, which is available in the Internorm product lists. The objects has a wizard style user interface, which helps to define all the necessary parameters for the product. User, who has no ArchiCAD can use online configurator version to create their consignation list.

Key features:
  • Wizard style user interface
  • full product range
  • real 3D model and 2D symbol
  • Shading and glasing options
  • Predefined consignation template
  • real manufacturer products
  • complex system definition in one step

Custom software

Applications in an online enviroment

Applications run with an internet browser or browser supplements. These applications can be downloaded or used via the internet by the wider audience. This way, product information can reach the broadest user crowd, making them known in a wider circle, meaning they can be perfectly used as a marketing tool as well.

Creating software independent applications

It is possible to create configurational or editing programs independent of architectural designing programs. We developed these applications for professionals who don't necessarily use CAD or BIM systems. In many cases these solutions were built into the manufacturer's post factum sales system.

E.g. Our previous Internorm door and window designer solution is easily accessible for everyone. With the programs help you can easily and swiftly assemble unique doors or windows, which can then immediately, through electronic means, be ordered.

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BIM models

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