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BIM development

BIM development

We build your products virtually. Building Information Modeling is design process in which the whole building or only certain parts of it is built virtually. BIM brings effectiveness and productivity in construction and everyday life.

BIM standards arrive in more and more countries worldwide. BIM is already a standard in many countries. It is always beneficial to have BIM among the first ones. BIM serves marketing purposes to manufacturer companies. Let architects work with your products in the design process too.

BIM development
BIM solutions, libraries, product specific CAD and online solutions on Éptár

  • Publication of Archicad GDL and Revit libraries (downloadable)
  • Publication of Add-on solutions
  • Technical support
  • Preparation of user guides and videos
  • Introduction of the solution at professional conferences
  • Representing our partners at exhibitions and conferences by making brochures and short films representing the design process and the BIM library
Our services for BIM development

We develop for the following platforms:

  • develop GDL objects, complete libraries for ArchiCAD
  • Add-ons for ArchiCAD
  • Revit family parts
  • Revit Add-ins
  • software independent solutions
  • online configurators

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BIM development

BIM development
Assessment of needs, shaping of a concept for the function of BIM objects:

We can model the possible function with the help of our available solutions during the coordination with the manufacturer. We model the functionality of the object according to the notion of the manufacturer during the creation of the development concept, but we also take into account the user needs and the special qualities of architectural softwares known to us. As such, we get user friendly and easy to handle BIM objects as an end product.
GDL library or Add-on programming

In the program ArchiCAD, our main profile, two complementary solutions can be made: GDL libraries or Add-on solutions. Our team is ready to do both kinds of development. Our GDL programmers and API developers are waiting for challenges.

The question of which solution we recommend is in all cases reliant on the to be modeled objects and the excpected complexity of the solution.

If the modeled products are more like placeable objects by themselves which have no connection to one another, or have only limited connections then usually the creation of a GDL library is the solution. GDL objects like our doors and windows libraries or our furniture and sanitery libraries.

More complicated product solutions, working with a particular logic or requiring the coordination of several details will usually require an add-on solution. With the help of an add-on we can excpect more complex functionalities from the BIM object. Good examples of this would be our roofing applications. These tile the given roof surface and allocate the necessary extras like roof foil and snow shields automatically, keeping in mind the rules of roof tiling. Allowing for fast and high quality work in the usual software.
BIM development
BIM development
BIM development
Applications in an online enviroment

Applications run with an internet browser or browser supplements. These applications can be downloaded or used via the internet by the wider audience. This way, product information can reach the broadest user crowd, making them known in a wider circle, meaning they can be perfectly used as a marketing tool as well.

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