Kurucz Attila   

Miskolc Állatkert Afrika ház

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Installation mode: public building
Style: Traditional
Floor area: 350 m²
Description: The Afrika house is a presentation with a unique theme, it tells a "story". This story is about the desertification of the African Sahel region and the resulting global climate change, the overpopulation of the human population is ultimately the limit of the Earth's carrying capacity. Here, other predatory species of the Sahel region, which can tolerate changing living conditions due to desertification to varying degrees - lion, desert lynx, desert fox. These animals were all given a run with the building. Also, a house with a demonstration bird flight was also added, in which species native to the Sahel and breeding there are included for presentation. In addition to birds, there are Cape rock badgers and leopard tortoises placement is also planned in the complex, so that the area as much as possible a more complete community of life can be presented. The visitor building has a circular symmetrical design with a visitor space also with a circular floor plan. The building has no basement, has a conical roof with a pitched roof, and has a ground floor design. Between the interior spaces of the visitor spaces and the animals, separating safety glass panels starting from the floor are made.

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