Kurucz Attila   

Zamárdi 2.

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Installation mode: condominium
Style: Modern
Floor area: 788 m²
Description: 3-storey 10-apartment condominium. Due to its better fit into the typically apartment building environment, the facade design is similar to the surrounding buildings: breaking the larger building unit, the facade is segmented, which was designed to match the streetscape with the coloring, horizontally segmented with polished stone cladding on the ground floor and first floor part of the II. on the first floor with a plastered painted surface in a darker tone. The apartments on the first floor have terraces, and the ground floor has a private garden area. The entrance to the site opens from the street and the 10 parking lots are located in front of the building with the traffic roads. The rest of the plot is a surface planted with landscaped trees and bushes.

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