Kurucz Attila   

Zamárdi 1.

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Installation mode: condominium
Style: Suburban
Floor area: 834 m²
Description: The 3-story apartment building has built with ground floor + first floor + second floor design. The building has a pile foundation, load-bearing intermediate and facade main walls and monolithic concrete slab supporting structure system. The main walls are made of 44 cm Porotherm X-therm masonry blocks, the partitions are made of 10 cm Porotherm partition panels. The facade has a segmented design, the balconies belonging to the individual apartments are located on cantilevered terrace plates, and there are also roof terraces. No additional thermal insulation was made on the outer facade wall plane, the masonry element is energetically adequate on its own. The facade on the ground floor and the upper floors has a plastered and painted design supplemented with dark gray large-slab polished stone cladding.

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